TRIPLE X SPRINT CAR CHASSIS 87-40 WEDGE CHASSIS WITH 2019 SAFETY BARS XXX Sprint Car Chassis (Bare Frame). 4130 Chromoly. Raised Rail. WEDGE design (2" taller at the rear of the cage, standard height at the front). Loose halo. Designed to maximize driver safety and it�s the most affordable chassis on the market. XXX Chassis are available in 87" or 88" length, with a 40" set back. Left safety cage and right safety bar come standard in all chassis at no additional cost to you. Loose halo is sent with every chassis torque tube hoop also provided free of charge with chassis purchase. All chassis are built with an additional 2" of head clearance at the rear of the cage. The XXX Chassis is already the best chassis in sprint car racing, but we'll never stop trying to be better. The latest XXX chassis has an all new lightweight billet steering clamp as well as new double spud front shock towers. All chassis come with engine enclosure panel dzus tabs, long rear radius rod mounts and multiple spuds for correct seat mounting as well as seat belt gussets to ensure proper belt angle. We've repositioned the throttle pedal tabs for improved pedal feel, and strengthened & repositioned the front cage uprights for added support. Our wing slider tab fits all popular wing valves.