KSE Midget Gen 2 Steering Box Part #KSGEN2L-3472. Features: Left-hand steering unit 10" Input Shaft 14" Live Tube Output Shaft 50 Servo Valve Effort The servo valve torsion bar determines the effort required to steer by the driver. This is a driver preference. All KSE gears have the torsion bar size stamped on the web side of the case next to the serial number. A "20"? is the least effort size and a "65" requires the most effort. Dirt sprint cars and Silver Crown drivers generally choose the lower efforts (35-40) while Midgets and pavement drivers choose higher efforts (40-50). Includes Pull-type Steering Wheel Quick Release Hub Fits most popular Midget Chassis including Beast Stealth Spike Bullet Twister Triple X etc.

KSE Midget Gen 2 Steering Box

GST Included
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