B&M PERFORMANCE SHIFTER CABLE - 5-FOOT LENGTH - RED For Most B&M Shifters (Except Race Models) This is our 5-ft performance replacement shifter cable for most B&M Shifters. It's properly clearanced to reduce backlash and has a .250-inch 'long-lay' (stiffer, less prone to kinking) outer jacket for durability. The cable features an eyelet at one end to connect to the shifter, a 10-32 threaded end at the transmission side of the cable and has a 2.50-inch stroke. This is the standard cable supplied with most B&M Shifters. Features: Features a .250 Diameter Cable Housing Comes Standard with Most B&M Shifters Properly Clearanced to Reduce Backlash Pre-lubed for Smooth Operation Durable 'Long Lay' Outer Jacket


SKU: BM80605