802 Solutions 2" Crash Pad 2" Crash Pad Bottom with 1" X 8" Shoulder Height Back Pad. 2" inch 802SAM Shock Absorbing Material Bottom with a 8" X 1" Lower Back Pad (two 1/2" x 8" of 802SAM with upholstery) in a tough Upholstery adjustable covering. Adjustable for seats from 18" to 14" width and thickness can be easily adjusted from 2" to 1 1/2" to 1" as necessary by removing 1/2" thick layers. The 2" pad is what many have used and it is most economical for the buyer to not have to buy extra material that will not be used. The 3" or 2" Crash Pad can be reduced in half inch increments down to 1 if needed by removing 1/2" layers. A 2" pad can be upgraded later to 2 1/2" or 3" by buying and simply inserting the 1" Upgrade for Bottom Pad into the standard product. Choose what fits you best but remember the thicker the Crash Pad the more space and time to dissipate energy.

802 Solutions 2" Crash Pad

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